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Books to Inspire by Author Diana Smith are all about teaching both children and adults alike to live in the moment, be grateful for even the smallest things in life and that you are always ALWAYS good enough.

They teach even the adults who have perhaps forgotten in the fast-paced world that even the smallest things are valuable. As adults, we focus too much on the materialistic ways of life and dealing with the world around us.

While we teach our children resilience and tolerance and that they are amazing and beautiful just as they are, perhaps we may start remembering ourselves.

Look at life through the eyes of a child, where just living is an adventure, the whole world to be explored and studied from insects to mountains.
Without judgement or hate only curiosity, contemplation, consideration and perhaps acceptance of those who differ from us.

Important beginnings for children to hold on to as they grow and navigate their way through this world.

We hope everyone who reads these books will be inspired to believe they are fantastic just as they are!

My Welcome Book

A beautiful and richly illustrated book about arriving into this amazing world of ours. Growing up, exploring, loving and sharing this world by showing kindness and tolerance to others,

How important we are as individuals and how we are all precious and unique in our own way, just as we are. And that we are always ALWAYS good enough.

My Grateful Book

My Grateful Book is a charming little book that reminds us how to appreciate the small things in life. A lovely reminder to adults and a new wonder to little children about how to appreciate even the smallest things in life. From eyelashes, so we can give the people we love butterfly kisses, to water, and the home we live in.


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