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Books to Inspire by Author Diana Smith are all about teaching both children and adults alike to live in the moment, be grateful for even the smallest things in life and that you are always ALWAYS good enough.

They teach even the adults who have perhaps forgotten in the fast-paced world that even the smallest things are valuable. As adults, we focus too much on the materialistic ways of life and dealing with the world around us.

While we teach our children resilience and tolerance and that they are amazing and beautiful just as they are, perhaps we may start remembering ourselves.

Look at life through the eyes of a child, where just living is an adventure, the whole world to be explored and studied from insects to mountains.
Without judgement or hate only curiosity, contemplation, consideration and perhaps acceptance of those who differ from us.

Important beginnings for children to hold on to as they grow and navigate their way through this world.

We hope everyone who reads these books will be inspired to believe they are fantastic just as they are!

My Welcome Book

A beautiful and richly illustrated book about arriving into this amazing world of ours. Growing up, exploring, loving and sharing this world by showing kindness and tolerance to others,

How important we are as individuals and how we are all precious and unique in our own way, just as we are. And that we are always ALWAYS good enough.

My Grateful Book

My Grateful Book is a charming little book that reminds us how to appreciate the small things in life. A lovely reminder to adults and a new wonder to little children about how to appreciate even the smallest things in life. From eyelashes, so we can give the people we love butterfly kisses, to water, and the home we live in.


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My Grateful Book

According to science, gratitude is one of the most important ways for us to feel happier. Finding things to be grateful for provides us with so many wonderful psychological, physical, and interpersonal benefits.

It improves our health, reduces stress, and helps us focus on the positive. Stepping back and being thankful for what we have gives us energy, inspires us, and transforms us. It helps us realise that life is truly a gift.

We can encourage our children to express gratitude in a number of creative ways. One of the most popular and effective ways is to keep a gratitude journal. It encourages us to acknowledge the positive moments in our day, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

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My Grateful Book

My Grateful Book by Diana Smith is an enchanting book which gently touches on the little things for which a child, or an adult, can be thankful. Whether at home or at school, out of doors or in the water, observing the rain or enjoying sunshine and rainbows, there are always gifts around us, if only we can train our eyes to look for them.

Diana Smith teaches us to take delight in the little moments around us which add so much to our lives, whether those moments involve fish or flowers, butterflies or broccoli—yes, broccoli! Skillfully weaving soft hues and vibrant colour, illustrator Sara Jane Marchant effectively brings the prose to life, guiding us along on a beautiful journey of gratitude.

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My Welcome Book

Following on from the very well received My Grateful Book, Diana Smith and Sarah Jane Marchant have once again teamed up to bring the delightful My Welcome Book to young readers and adults, with the lovely message embedded throughout the text that no matter what, YOU are always good enough.

The book commences with the joyous occasion of the birth of a child with ‘Welcome to our beautiful earth’ as the introductory line, which leads on, with the help of wonderfully bright, elegant and appealing illustrations, to begin the child’s journey and the wonderful gifts that make them so very special and unique.

Happy Science Mom Book Review

My Welcome Book

When I first read this new book by author Diana Smith, a huge smile popped on my face and I knew it was the perfect fit for Happy Science Mom. My Welcome Book is a beautiful book that is the perfect gift to give when a new baby is born or for a young child’s birthday. It’s cheerful, bright, colourful illustrations and messages filled with hope and love will bring joy to you and your children.

The book starts by welcoming a baby into the world and explains that every child is born with a beautiful soul that is special and unique. Although we may not think about it often, it is so important for our children to realise how special they truly are. Give them a big hug right now and show them! Having a joyful spirit is essential to their happiness and success as they face life’s ups and downs.

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My Welcome Book

My Welcome Book by Diana Smith begins by welcoming a baby into the world and telling the child that their journey on this beautiful earth has just begun. A baby is always special and every child is born with a soul that is unique and special. The child is asked to keep a warm heart while living, learning, and growing. No matter how others behave, the child is advised to always be good and is encouraged to visit amazing places and do great things.

There is no need to fight and children can be kind and caring, accept all people, and love each other because they all belong to this earth. Let children celebrate their birthdays every year, make it special, grow and learn from their mistakes, and listen to their hearts so that one day they will become great.

My Welcome Book has positive messages for children and will make them look at their journey with awe and wonder. Sarah Jane Marchant breathes life into the author’s words and concept with her colorful and lively illustrations and will help youngsters dream BIG, as the author advises them to do. The illustrations also depict living in a multi-cultural society and accepting all people without fighting, and getting along well.

This beautiful book has wonderful things to tell children and will definitely make them look at the brighter and happier side of life. Diana Smith makes every child feel special as they embark on their life’s journey and this book is a good tool for tutors and parents to use in classrooms and homes to teach their children good values.

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