Meet Diana

Meet Diana

Diana Smith is the author of the celebrated children’s Feel Good series; My Grateful Book, My Welcome Book and My Awareness Book. Her other early childhood books include Bruiser’s G’day at the Park, Bruiser’s G’day at the Beach, Bruiser’s G’day Camping and The Adventures of Clive.

Born in Dunedin, New Zealand, Diana’s love of reading started at an early age, when her mother and older sister and brother would read aloud the beautiful stories of A.A. Milne and Beatrix Potter.

“These authors inspired and influenced me greatly. I found them to be amazing people as their beautiful words took me to another world as a child, where anything was possible. Their work greatly encouraged me to dream of becoming a writer myself someday.

” Specialising in writing for early childhood and young readers, Diana’s books focus on emotional intelligence and the introduction of key life concepts like self-love, mental resilience and gratitude. Her books are warmly inclusive and encouraging to all levels of readers.

As a busy wife and mother of two adult children, Diana can now be found living and loving life in the gorgeous beachside town of Yanchep, Western Australia.

Diana Smith featured on

Diana Smith has been featured on for the launch of her new children’s book, “The Adventures of Clive”.